After several re-branding iterations, the Eclipse Embedded CDT project, available from GitHub, has a new web site.

GitHub Pages

The site continues to use GitHub Pages, which is the GitHub solution for providing documentation sites to hosted projects, but, for more flexibility, the conversion from markdown to html is performed by a CI job.

Jekyll & markdown

GitHub Pages use Jekyll to generate static web sites, and the most convenient input format for Jekyll is markdown.

The new site uses the standard GitHub setup, which automatically runs the Jekyll generator; thus an external build step is no longer needed.

Old GNU MCU Eclipse web

The old site now automatically redirects most of its pages to the new site.

Preview web

The new setup also includes a preview site, where new content can be tested without disturbing the main site.

The preview site URL is

The CI job automatically publishes all pushes to the develop branch onto the preview site; pushes to master are published onto the main site.