Perfekt ist nicht gut genug.


Perfekt ist nicht gut genug. (English: Perfect is not good enough).

The project

The GNU ARM Eclipse plug-in project was registered on SourceForge in November 2006, and initially included an XML only plug-in definition; although functional, it was somehow limited.

First edition

The first fully functional edition of the plug-in (version 0.5.3) was announced in March 2009, when the plug-in was practically recreated, functionality was extended and more toolchains were supported. The Eclipse specifics, like adding a feature project and an update site project were also implemented.

Second Edition

In September 2013, based on the Eclipse CDT and the new developments in ARM Toolchains, work on the second edition of the plug-in started, involving a major rewrite, inspired by the CDT Cross Compile plug-in.

In December 2013, new plug-ins were added to the project: the STM32Fx templates and an experimental version of the SEGGER J-Link hardware debugging plug-in.

At the same time, since the project is no longer about a single plug-in, but a family of plug-ins, the SourceForge project name was changed to plural: GNU ARM Eclipse plug-ins.

In February 2014, the version 2.x of the plug-ins family was published, bringing official debugging support, via SEGGER J-Link and OpenOCD. Templates for Freescale were also added.

In July 2014, the experimental version of the Packs plug-in was published, providing management support (list/install/uninstall/outline) for CMSIS Packs.

Migration to GitHub

In August 2015 the project was migrated to GitHub and restructured as separate sub-projects. For more stability over time, the blog and wiki sites hosted on the private server were migrate to the public GitHub Pages.

With this migration also the name was shortened to GNU ARM Eclipse.

Migration to Eclipse Foundation

In September 2019, the project was invited to join the Eclipse Foundation. The legal process took some time to complete, and the project was rebranded as Eclipse Embedded CDT. In July 2020 the 5.1.1 release was published on the Eclipse servers.

Arm Trademarks

According to the page:

From 1 August 2017, Arm has a new look and feel. The business has a new corporate logo and it is now using the Arm word in sentence case instead of the ARM word in uppercase in text. We ask all of Arm’s customers, partners, licensees and any other third parties to use the Arm word in sentence case in text in all relevant materials. The only exception to this rule will be when using the ARM word in any circumstances, where all of the surrounding words also appear in uppercase, e.g. headings.

This site was updated to this new requirement, except references in old articles, which were kept with the old spelling.


Many thanks to:

  • Wilfried Holzke who created the initial project and maintained versions prior to 0.5.3;
  • my good friend Dan Maiorescu, for his invaluable support during the design, development and testing of the plug-ins.

This site

The first project wiki was created in August 2008 using the SourceForge hosted apps.

In early 2012, the Project Web was redesigned and the developer pages were moved from the SourceForge hosted apps to the Project web, as a MediaWiki site.

Unfortunately SourceForge introduced the policy of blocking outgoing traffic from the Project web pages, and managing WordPress and MediaWiki sites on SourceForge servers became unpractical.

In October 2013, the project documentation was moved to an external WordPress site, and was intended to improve communication with users by keeping them informed about current issues and releases. The original URL was

The developer specific pages were also moved to an external MediaWiki site. The original URL was

In August 2015 those two sites were first migrated to GitHub Wiki, with content split between multiple projects. Then the entire project pages was migrated to a GitHub Pages site, located at

In August 2020, as part of the migration to the Eclipse Foundation, the content was reorganised and with the xPacks related content already moved to the xPacks site, the Eclipse specific content was published at

The author

This project is currently maintained by the Eclipse Foundation. The project lead is Liviu Ionescu, a senior IT engineer, with expertise in operating systems, compilers, embedded systems and Internet technologies.

He can be reached at (this email address is given for courtesy, for all correspondence related to this project please use the Support pages).