Version 4.5.1-201901011632 is a new release; it provides several bug fixes and enhancements. The main change is the removal of some RISC-V options from the Setting page.

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New features

  • 13ffd0d3 - [Issue:#322] The -std=c++17 option was added to the list of accepted C++ standards in the build plug-ins.

Addressed bugs

  • 096806f5 - [Issue:#323] based on a user report, it was discovered that the RISC-V compiler options -mplt -mdiv -mfdiv must match the configuration used while building the system libraries, and individually setting these options in user builds can create inconsistent applications; to minimise this risk, the options were removed from the graphical interface.

Template changes

  • none

pyOCD changes

The pyOCD maintainer provided the following patches:

  • 63e10ba1 - [Issue:#332] Fixed pyOCD debugger tab error messages (#331);
  • bd7bb313 - [Issue:#330] Fix how pyocd path is resolved in TabDebugger;
  • 31f6c7d5 - [Issue:#305] Scheduling update job when board is selected;
  • 7b75050c - [Issue:#329] Fix pyOCD target override handling. (#225)

Other changes

  • none

Known problems

  • none