Version 4.4.2-201809300659 is a maintenance release; it provides several bug fixes and enhancements.

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New features

  • none

Addressed bugs

  • 3a7f1675 - [Issue:#312] when de-selecting “Allocate console for GDB server” in the J-Link debugger options, the debug stops functioning properly; the problem is quite complicated; until a proper solution will be implemented, the temporary workaround was to disable the button.

Template changes

  • 41d23831 - [Issue:#317] due to some changes in the newlib packed with GCC 7.3.x, the definition of the _EXFUN macro changed and the semihosting projects fail to build with a compile error in system/src/newlib/_syscalls.c; the undefined macro was no longer used.

Other changes

  • f7944003 - [Issue:#315] the resolveMacros() function always displayed debug message on the console; the messages are now conditionally displayed.

Known problems

  • none