Version 3.3.1-201702251311 is a new release; the main change is adding support for GCC 6.x, including new Cortex-M23/M33.

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New features

  • [Issue:#180] support the latest architectures and devices:
    • the -march= option was extended to include armv8.1-a, armv8.1-a+crc (from GCC 6.2)
    • the -mcpu= option was extended to include cortex-m23, cortex-m33, cortex-a17, cortex-a32, cortex-a35, cortex-a72, qdf24xx (from GCC 6.2)
  • [Issue:#179] on macOS and Linux, the search path for the toolchain/OpenOCD/QEMU executables was extended with ${user.home}/opt; this is the new recommended location for installing optional tools;
  • [Issue:#182] the initial logic to compute the default toolchain was based on the lexicographic order of folder names; due to changes in the naming conventions, this logic failed to identify the latest ARM GCC 6 release; the logic was changed and now it uses the date of the arm-none-eabi-gcc file;
  • [Issue:#177] the J-Link debugging plug-in was extended to accept IP tunnelling configurations (the IP field was extended to accept the : character);
  • [Issue:#174] to help identify problems when launching external executables (like the J-Link/OpenOCD/QEMU GDB servers and the GDB client), the entire command line is logged to the ${workspace}/.metadata/.log file.

Addressed bugs

  • [Issue:#170] in the QEMU debugging plug-in, changing only the Device Name: was not enough to enable the Apply button; fixed;
  • [PR #176] the target override combo box in the pyOCD Debugger pane was not being set to the saved value when the debug config was edited; also wrapped some prints with a check for debugging being enabled;
  • [Issue:#181] avoid Eclipse bug 512550, affecting the New C/C++ Project wizard; the project is now created with the default toolchain even if the wizard does not reach the page to select the toolchain;
  • [Issue:#175] in the C/C++ Build → Settings → Tools Settings → Print Size → General, in certain conditions, the Hex field was not visible; fixed;
  • [Issue:#173] attempts to run an OpenOCD debug session without starting the server failed if the Config options: field was empty; fixed, the content of the field is ignored if the Start OpenOCD locally is disable;

Template changes

  • none.

Other changes

  • none.

Known problems

  • on Neon.2, when using GDB 7.12 from GCC 6.x, the Suspend and Terminate buttons are not functional and it is not possible to interrupt a running debug session; the problem is not related to the GNU ARM Eclipse plug-ins, but a bug in Eclipse CDT 9.2; the bug was eventually fixed in CDT 9.2.1 packed with Neon.3, due in March 2017; as a temporary workaround, better use GDB 7.10, from GCC 5.x.
  • the default for architectures was inadvertently changed to cortex-m33; fixed in 3.4.1.