Version 2.12.1-201604190915 is a new release; the main change is the addition of a pyOCD debugging plug-in.

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New features

  • thanks to a contribution from Chris Reed and John Cortell, a new debugging plug-in was added, to facilitate the integration of pyOCD with Eclipse.
  • add support for CMSIS Packs SVD schema version 1.4 (add properties access & alias)
  • [pull:#96/#94 & pull:#99/#95] add support for file:///path URLs to access local packs repositories

Addressed bugs

  • [pull:#91/#90] in certain conditions, the Apply button in the Toolchains tab did not save the page content; fixed.
  • [pull:#107/#106] in certain conditions, after removing a plug-in implementing a specific toolchain, the Settings page became invalid and could not be opened; fixed, in order to fix the project configuration, now the settings page opens for projects having non-existing toolchains.

Other changes

  • none.

Known problems

  • [#108] in certain conditions, the Enable flash breakpoints button does not function properly; will be fixed in the next release.