Version 2.10.2-201511061603 is a maintenance release, intended to improve the floating point support for Cortex-M7, and to update the toolchain prefix for Linaro AArch64 bare-metal ELF.

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New features

  • [#32] the Cortex-M7 specific FPU definitions fpv5-d16 & fpv5-sp-d16 were added to the Settings page;
  • [#33] the toolchain prefix for Linaro AArch64 bare-metal ELF was updated from aarch64-none-elf- to aarch64-elf-; the change is effective for newly created projects; old projects require to reselect the toolchain for the update to be effective.

Addressed bugs

  • none.

Template issues

  • in certain conditions, the linker complained about a missing symbol (__dso_handle); added as weak to _syscalls.c.

Other changes

  • none.

Known problems

  • due to a copy/paste error, the default selection for the F7 processor is wrong and projects apparently configured for STM32F745xx are actually for the non-existing STM32F707xx and the build fails; the problem was fixed in the 2.11.1 release; as an workaround, explicitly select the processor even for STM32F745xx; fixed in 2.11.1-201512141335.