Version 2.9.1-201508011813 is a new release; the main improvement is the new version of the GNU ARM Eclipse QEMU emulator (including a graphical LED emulator), paired with a new version of the QEMU Debugging plug-in; also embedded applications can now be executed in Run mode, not only in Debug mode.

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New features

  • GNU ARM Eclipse QEMU 2.2.92-20150404*-dev released; The STM32F4-Discovery 4 LEDs
  • GNU ARM Eclipse Build Tools 2.6-20150715* released;
  • a new version of the QEMU Debugging plug-in was added; the board and device definitions are copied from the project CMSIS configuration, if available; The QEMU Debugger tab
  • [feature-requests:#104] all debug launch configurations can also be started in Run mode; the difference is that breakpoint support is disabled, so execution will proceed without halting in breakpoints; Accessing QEMU Run configurations
  • [feature-requests:#95] support for new ARM architectures (arm7ve, armv8-a+crc) and CPUs (cortex-a12, cortex-m0.small-multiply, cortex-m0plus.small-multiply, cortex-m1.small-multiply) was added; to match the capabilities of GCC 4.9;
  • support for editing the toolchain path for any supported toolchain was added; previously only the default toolchain path was editable; Global toolchain path editor
  • support for configuring the toolchain for non-managed projects was added; previously the indexer for non-managed projects could not be configured to match the actual build configuration; The simplified settings for makefile projects
  • [support-requests:#155] the STM32F4 template was updated to use HAL v1.6;
  • the STM32F446xx was added to the STM32F4 template;
  • the QEMU build script was updated to use Docker; the build procedure was extended to download most of the required libraries and build them from sources.

Addressed bugs

  • [bugs:#188] the CMSIS Packs Manager  failed to download from Nordic URLs, which redirected to another server; the download code was improved to process HTTP redirects;
  • [bugs:#186] non relevant setting are no longer shown in non-managed projects;
  • [bugs:#184] editing the path for other toolchains than the default one was not possible; added.

Template issues

  • [feature-requests:#97] the VTOR register is now explicitly set during initialisations, to be sure it matches the address of the vectors;
  • in the blinky projects, the first cycle is a full second with the LED turned on, as a visual feedback that the LED polarity is configured correctly.

Known problems

  • none so far

Notes: for QEMU problems, please see the separate post.