Version 2.3.1 is a major release. The main addition is an experimental version of the CMSIS Pack Installer. The information in these packages will later be used to automatically generate the linker scripts, to view processor registers during debug sessions and finally to provide the required building blocks for elaborate templates.

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New features

  • a new Packs perspective was added; to make it visible, click the toolbar Packs button depicting two packages, then click the top right Refresh button to download the packages summaries
  • [feature-requests:#35] to increase debug configurations portability, the server default definitions were changed:
    • the J-Link GDB server is defined as ${jlink_path}/${jlink_gdbserver}
    • the OpenOCD is defined as ${openocd_path}/${openocd_executable}
    • with all 4 macros having the defaults appropriate for the platform.
  • [feature-requests:#57] the preferences for the J-Link and OpenOCD plug-ins were moved to separate workspace preference files and are no longer cluttering the template defaults.
  • [feature-requests:#58] the preferences for the cross build plug-in (mainly the toolchain name and global paths) were moved from the shared template defaults to the global Eclipse preferences, visible to all workspaces
  • [feature-requests:#48] support for project-less debugging was added to the J-Link & OpenOCD plug-ins (many thanks to John Moule for the patches).

Bugs fixed

  • [bugs:#108] in certain conditions, building shared libraries was problematic; the content of the Build Artefact page was fixed.

Other changes

  • [feature-requests:#54] to facilitate the integration of the build plug-in in other suites, it is now possible to set a properties file with the default toolchain name and the default paths for several toolchains
  • [support:#62] the STM32F4 template was updated to the latest STM libraries; the STM32F411x devices are now supported.