The main change (marked by the increase of the major number to 2.x) is that debugging support in GNU ARM Eclipse became official (the previous Experimental status was removed), with two variants, for a professional product (the SEGGER J-Link) and for the major open source solution (OpenOCD). Another important change was the addition of Freescale templates.

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New features:

  • the debug plug-in for OpenOCD was added
  • the Freescale KLxx template was added, currently with KL25 and KL46 members implemented; it can generate blinky/empty projects, in 3 variants (standalone/retargetting/semihosting)
  • the Freescale Processor Expert template was added; it can generate projects that use the Processor Expert tools; invoking the PEx wizard automatically will be possible from vPEx_DRV_10.4 up
  • [feature-request:#30] significant project portability improvements: in the build plug-in, the toolchain path mechanism was changed and made more explicit; it allows to define one path for each toolchain, and also, upon explicit request, one path for each project; no more path stored in .cproject.

Bugs fixed:

  • [bugs:#77] passing multiple options in JLinkGDBServer ‘Other options’ failed; fixed, multiple options are properly parsed and split into separate options
  • [bugs:#79] on Windows, the JLinkGDBServer console displayed an extra line feed; fixed by SEGGER
  • [bugs:#75] typo in the Compiler Optimization settings text (independednt); fixed.

Other changes in the J-Link plug-in:

  • based on SEGGER suggestions and validation tests, the J-Link plug-in was updated to pass the main parameters (interface, device, endianness) only as command line arguments to the JLinkGDBServer, and not as monitor commands
  • [feature-request:#27] in the J-Link configuration interface, new fields were added to select the connection method (USB or IP)
  • in the J-Link dialogue with the server, the monitor clrbp (clear breakpoints) and monitor regs (display registers) commands were added during the reset sequence
  • in the J-Link interface, the SWO mask field also accepts hex values
  • the JLinkGDBServer default connection speed set to 30kHz.

Other changes:

  • in the J-Link and OpenOCD configuration interfaces, additional options can be passed to the GDB client, using a new text field
  • [feature-request:#26] in the build plug-in, the code used to add/edit linker scripts was changed to allow browsing
  • the GNU ARM C/C++ templates are now associated only with the GNU ARM Eclipse build plug-in
  • improved C++ support was added to all templates; when the project type is C++, the main file is created as main.cpp instead of main.c.