(This article was published in the ARM Connected Community blog, on Apr 4, 2016.

April 2016 indeed came with some nice surprises related to project downloads (probably not exactly in the spirit of the previous post related to the project future): the SourceForge statistics revealed more than 3.200.000 files downloaded since the project revival, in the second half of 2013:

SourceForge downloads

The counters include all downloaded files, with the Eclipse updates (which accounts to multiple files for one update) taking the largest share, but also counting the packed archives, and the additional tool packages (Windows Build Tools, OpenOCD, QEMU, etc).

On the other hand, it should be noted that, considering the project migration to GitHub in Sep. 2015, the actual figures might be even higher (but this cannot be quantified, since GitHub does not provide any download statistics).

Otherwise the project is fine, with many amazing features planned for 2016 (mainly related to extending the use of software packages, both in the Packs Manager and in a future project wizard to use the packs content, and the integration with CMSIS++).

Many thank to all those who use, appreciate and support the project!